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Get — 5 rules to this word


Ever wondered why natives always use the word get?

Get — Have you never been able to decode the word? Well, here in this article we have a complete insider’s guide from a native, detailing the 5 main rules and the reasons as to why we use this strange word for nearly everything in the English language.

So, once you’ve learned these 5 basic rules you will have zero problems understanding natives in the future!

1) Get + noun/pronoun = ‘obtain’ or ‘receive’

  • My mother got a new car. 
  • We got a coffee.
  • Have you got the keys?
  • I got it (the tab).
  • I got a bike for my birthday.
  • They got some new furniture.

2) Get + adjective = ‘become’

  • I’m getting too old for this.
  • Put your coat on, you’ll get cold.
  • Susana got tired of doing exercise.
  • The pain is getting worse.
  • I got angry yesterday.
  • Why are you getting tired?

3) Get + past participle = passive meaning

  • My car got worked on the other day.
  • I got told to leave.
  • They got invited to a party.
  • We got caught by the police.
  • They have got all work done.

4) Get + gerund (verb+ing) = ‘starting’ 

  • They got moving to a new location.
  • He got him talking over the problem.
  • I’m done with this meeting, let’s get moving.
  • He got the air-conditioner working.
  • She got explaining the issue.

5) Get + to + infinitive = ‘to have an opportunity’

  • I’m lucky I get to live abroad, very lucky indeed.
  • I got to travel to the UK last year.
  • They got to see their parents every day.
  • When I was younger I got to play the piano.
  • She never got to see me for my birthday.

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