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Dashes (-) — Informal writing 

Dashes are used in almost the exact same way as semi-colons, colons and brackets can be used, that is, to introduce another clause or sentence. 

  • I adored my time in Greece – without a doubt.
  • The Queen – who is always polite – showed her best.
  • The main objective of today – dashes.
  • The most enjoyed subject at school this year – mathematics.

Dashes (-) — introduce an afterthought 

We use dashes to introduce something of expectancy, sudden or after-thoughtful.

  • We spent two hours in class – with no chairs.
  • Thomas is a nice guy – at least, I think so.
  • We were having a fantastic time at the market – until Rob showed up.
  • Today we’ll be covering the present perfect in class – and the past simple.
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