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Why do we need to use correct punctuation? Because it is absolutely essential to writing and expressing ourselves properly and correctly. Everywhere from the workplace to writing emails, documents and even sending text messages, society will always endeavour to adhere to the social norms, that is, what we perceive to be correct. Correct usage and a basic understanding of the fundamentals of English punctuation concerning; apostrophes, colons, semi-colons, commas, dashes, full stops, questions marks, exclamation marks and quotation marks, will lead to an overall much more fluent, comprehensive and respected English. We should strive to meet the social, academic norms, and withstand from letting ourselves become accustomed to writing in English using incorrect and shabby punctuation. Down below, we’ll elaborate and explain with examples over the basic pillars of punctuation specifically targeting: full stops.

Full stops (.) – Close sentences

It is the basic notion of English that all sentences end with a full stop (.). Full stops are used to close a sentence. The new sentence that follows must always begin with a capital letter.

  • I left for work. I got home at 20:00.
  • Your mother would like to speak to you.
  • Patrick has been out all day.
  • I love going to the theme park.
  • We play computer games all day. I don’t think my parents would be happy.

Full stops (.) – Abbreviations 

It’s correct implementation to insert a full stop after an abbreviation to replace the missing letters.

  • Mr.Silver is waiting for you.
  • Dr Cooper will see you shortly.
  • Mrs Anderson works at the local school.
  • My name is Dr Andrew D. Corine.

Full stops (.) – Emphasis 

Full stops can be used for emphasising elements in a sentence by creating multiple sentences, that normally wouldn’t require a full stop.

  • Did you not hear me? I. live. In. London. Got that?
  • World war II was a Real. Nasty. war.
  • This. Is. My. Company.

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