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Present continuous

Construction: be + verb + – ing (gerund) 


(1) We use the present continuous or the present progressive to talk about actions that are happening right now, before or after a continuous action.
  • Are you walking?
  • The baby is crying. 
  • They aren’t doing their homework.
  • You look beautiful when you are smiling.
  • He is usually working around 14h.


(2) We use the present continuous to talk about the near future.
  • Are you coming to the beach tomorrow with us?
  • am meeting her later on tonight.
  • James is going to come to the party tonight.


(3) We use the present continuous to talk about situations that are developing and changing.
  • Our boy is getting taller and stronger as each day passes.
  • The sky is becoming more grey.
  • Due to climate change, the temperatures are rising. 


(4) We can use the present continuous or the present simple to talk about permanent or temporary situations.
  • am still living at home.
  • She is studying maths.
  • He is writing letters to his uncle.


(5) We can use the present continuous or present simple to talk about physical feelings.
  • am feeling rather sick. / I feel rather sick.
  • His head is aching. /  His head aches. 
  • My bruise is hurting. / My bruise hurts. 



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