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Present continuous

be + verb + -ing 



  • We use the present continuous/progressive to talk about actions that are happening right now, before or after a continuous action.

Are you walking?

The baby is crying. 

They aren’t doing their homework.

You look beautiful when you are smiling.

He is usually working around 14h.


  • We use the present continuous to talk about the near future.

Are you coming to the beach tomorrow with us?

am meeting her later on tonight.

James is going to come to the party tonight.


  • We use the present continuous to talk about situations that are developing and changing.

Our boy is getting taller and stronger as each day passes.

The sky is becoming more grey.

Due to climate change, the temperatures are rising. 


  • We can use the present continuous or the present simple to talk about permanent or temporary situations.

am still living at home.

She is studying maths.

He is writing letters to his uncle.


  • We can use the present continuous or present simple to talk about physical feelings.

am feeling rather sick. / I feel rather sick.

His head is aching. /  His head aches. 

My bruise is hurting. / My bruise hurts. 



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