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Phrasal prepositions

Phrasal prepositions are grouped into phrases of three or more words that could include adverbs, verbs and other words that function as one phrasal preposition. All the words are separated to form one phrasal preposition.

Phrasal prepositions include: in addition to, in spite of, on account of, as soon as, as opposed to, as far as, in reference to, on top of, with the exception of, in front of, as long as etc.

Examples of phrasal prepositions in context

  • They told me that in addition to all the work done, I also needed to finish the project.
  • Rafael Nadal is playing tennis very well, he’s surely on top of his game at the moment.
  • As opposed to seeking advice from your sister, why don’t you talk to your close friend Harry?
  • I was speaking in reference to the climate change issues.
  • I stand here in front of you all to demonstrate my qualities as a great leader.
  • On account of the new law enacted by the minister, our society is now able to declare its own taxes.
  • I’ll tell you once more, as long as I run this board I am the man in charge.
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