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Compound prepositions

Compound prepositions or complex prepositions are composed of two prepositions together to function as one preposition. Compound prepositions must not be joined together, but are two separate words that function as one word. One compound preposition.

Compound/complex prepositions include:

  • Prior to, pursuant to, according to, because of, similar to,  subsequent to, instead of, left to, whereas, outside of, close to, aside from, ahead of, far from, that of, as per, etc.

Examples of compound prepositions in context

  • We left Sam behind instead of driving him to his destination.
  • Because of the earthquake, we’ll now endeavour to protect our house.
  • I live close to Maria.
  • Aside from the fact that I go to class I also attend night school Monday to Friday.
  • Pursuant to our agreement we can meet next week.
  • I talked to the rugby team as per our arrangement.
  • The weather is going to be great according to Jack.

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