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Possessive adjectives

What are possessive adjectives? They are my, your, his, her, its, our, your and their. We use possessive adjectives to show possession of something. The noun being possessed can be singular or plural. It’s not necessary to change the format of the possessive adjective.

  • This is a car. I like my car.
  • I have a book. Sam loves my book.
  • You have a company. Your company is big.
  • This is a pen. Your pen is blue.
  • He has a new boat. His boat is big.
  • He has many friends. He likes his friends.
  • She goes to school every day. Her school is close by.
  • She made a nice cake. Her cake is delicious.
  • The cat has some food. Its food is nice.
  • It likes to visit us. Its visit was pleasurable.
  • We threw the computer away. We threw our computer away.
  • We own two cars. We own our two cars.
  • You dislike cell phones. You don’t like your cellphones.
  • You are a friend. Your friend is nice.
  • They love big cities. Their city is big.
  • They are going to the ball. Their ball is going to see a big turn-out.

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