¿Te has preguntado por qué los nativos siempre utilizan la palabra, get? ¿Jamás has sido capaz de decodificarla? Bien, aquí en este artículo tenemos una guía completa de un nativo detallando por completo las reglas y razones en cuanto a por qué y cuándo usamos esta palabra:

Get + nombre o pronombre = ‘obtener’ o ‘recibir’

  • My mother got a new car. ‘I’ll get you for the drink.
  • Can you get me a drink please?
  • Can I get it (the tab) ? Yeah.
  • I got a new phone for my birthday.

Get + partícula adverbial o preposicional = ‘un movimiento’

  • I got out of the house.
  • Did she get away?
  • What time do you get up everyday?
  • She got home at 15:00. (home is an adverb of direction and a noun)
  • Get out of my restaurant!
  • He got me there.

*excepciones; todos los modismos: ‘get over’ ‘get off’

Get + adjetivo = ‘convertir’, ‘ponerse’, o ‘estar’

  • I’m getting too old for this.
  • Put your coat on you’ll get cold.
  • Susana got tired of doing exercise.
  • Mariana is getting sick of her science class.
  • You’re getting better every time I see you.
  • The pain will get worse, I’m afraid.

Get + participio pasado = ‘significado pasivo’ o ‘reflexivo’

  • My car got worked on the other day.
  • got told to leave.
  • They got invited to a party.
  • Let’s get these dishes cleaned.
  • Samuel got his car worked on.
  • The couple got married in June.
  • The thief got caught thankfully.

Get + gerundio (verbo + –ing) = ‘empezando’

  • I’d like to get moving, please.
  • He got him talking over the problem.
  • I’m done with this meeting, let’s get moving.
  • What time will you get finishing today?
  • Get the air-conditioner going, please.
  • We had best get leaving now, we’re feeling tired.
  • Jake got texting his friend so he could see him that night.

Get + infinitivo = ‘tener la oportunidad’

  • I’m lucky I get to live abroad, very lucky indeed.
  • When will you get to travel to England?
  • They get to see their parents every day after school.
  • I get to travel for my job.
  • Maria gets to read a novel every day.
  • Francis got to sleep in his sleeping bag last night.
  • I always get to eat chocolate on Friday.

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