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Preposiciones participios

Las preposiciones participios son participios (formas de gerundio), –ing,  tales como: excluding, following, notwithstanding, pending, considering, during, regarding, including, etc. Todos estos participios pueden funcionar como ‘preposiciones participios’.

Ejemplos de preposiciones participios en contexto

  • Joseph was talking to James regarding the new scientific developments.
  • I am working during the night and I am exhausted.
  • The laws were not in their favour, notwithstanding they decided to pursue the case.
  • Following our disagreement, we shall go ahead with the plans to build a new office.
  • The officers were going over the possible factors, including the impossible ones.
  • Considering our situation we’re gonna have to re-innovate ourselves.
  • Excluding our fellow peers from the project was a huge error and detrimental to the company.
  • It was during our appointment that I realised we hadn’t come to an agreement.
  • The email is still pending
  • Following our English class, I’m going to send you some homework to complete for next week.
  • Considering the problems she’s having, we ought to help her.

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