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Pasado continuo

Pasado continuo construcción: was/were + gerundio (verbo + -ing).

Verbo ejemplar: to dress

I was dressing   We were dressing
You were dressing You (guys) were dressing
He/she/it was dressing   They were dressing

Usamos el pasado continuo para hablar sobre una acción en el pasado que se prolongaba o que estaba a punto de ser interrumpida

  • was studying yesterday for over five hours.
  • You were watching the game yesterday when your mum came in (‘your mum came in’ está interrumpiendo la acción ‘watching the game’).
  • What were you doing on Saturday? I was playing video games.

Se usa el pasado continuo para hablar sobre acciones paralelas en el pasado

(Más de una acción sucediendo a la vez).

  • They were working yesterday while their colleagues were enjoying their time outside.
  • She was helping her friend while her friend was cleaning her room.
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Podemos usar el pasado continuo para hablar sobre el ambiente del pasado

  • When we entered the mall there were people yelling and shoppers were screaming at one another.
  • Yesterday when I went to the football game I saw that people were happily cheering on their local teams.

Recuerda, generalmente usamos adverbios con el pasado continuo para modificar el verbo, adjetivos u otros adverbios que van en la misma oración

Adverbios como; only, just, still, ever, always, sometimes, etc.

  • What were you doing in the office after hours yesterday? I was just hanging around to see if could find my friend.
  • She was never going to see him in the first place.
  • When she arrived yesterday I was still waiting for her for over thirty minutes.

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