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Futuro continuo

Construcción: will/shall + be + verbo + -ing

Verbo ejemplar: say

I will be saying   We will be saying
You will be saying You (guys) will be saying
He/she/it will be saying They will be saying
(1) Usamos el futuro continuo/futuro progresivo para hablar acerca de una acción que estará en progreso en el futuro.
  • will be lying on the beach by this time tomorrow.
  • We shall be flying to Russia on Friday.
  • They will be handling the case themselves.
(2) Se usa el futuro perfecto continuo para hablar acerca de acciones paralelas en el futuro, es decir, dos o más acciones que pasan a la vez.
  • When he is doing his homework, she will be cleaning the kitchen.
  • By 21h tomorrow morning I will be doing the garden while they clean the house.
  • This afternoon they will be cleaning the house, preparing the meal and having a drink together.
(3) Se usa el futuro perfecto continuo para hacer predicciones sobre el futuro.
  • Let them be alone, they will be deciding his future.
  • If you call him now, He’ll be talking to his mum. 
  • I wouldn’t go in there, They will be discussing important things.
  • Let’s not arrive before 20h, they will be preparing the dinner.

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