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Adverbios relativos

¿En inglés, cuáles son los adverbios relativos? Son: when, where y why. Los usamos como conectores para unir cláusulas/oraciones. Cada adverbio relativo tiene su propio propósito o papel, y son usados para describir un nombre/sustantivo en la oración.

(1) Usamos el adverbio relativo ‘when’ como una referencia de tiempo:
  • It wasn’t long ago when I used to go to the city centre.
  • It was two minutes ago I when I had been approached by the attendant.
  • I remember the time when I was younger and played football.
(2) Usamos el adverbio relativo ‘where’ como una referencia de lugar:
  • I told the tourist where he needed to go to see the monument.
  • The islands where we met up without cousins were beautiful.
  • Jamie found a place where he could finally relax.
(3) Se usa el adverbio relativo ‘why’ como un adverbio de razón:  
  • We were told why they all had to leave so early last night.
  • I know exactly why Oliver has been acting so strangely.
  • Her constant excuses are the reason why she never managed to finish the project.

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