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Adverbios de Grado

Los adverbios de grado modifican otros adverbios, adjetivos y verbos. Además, este tipo de adverbio es el que clasifica otros adverbios, adjetivos y verbos, y nos dicen hasta qué grado ocurre algo.

Algunos adverbios de grado son: almost, somewhat, nearly, highly, greatly, just, fairly, y extremely. Es más, hay muchísimos, la lista es muy amplia.

En los siguientes ejemplos vamos a detallar y explicarlos de cerca.

Adverbios de grado modificando verbos

  • The hairdresser cut my hair horribly.
  • They were drinking dangerously and stupidly. 
  • I didn’t think she was teaching badly.
  • She’s working surprisingly well today.
  • You speak English well.
  • He doesn’t listen very well.
  • I’m working hard today.
  • Stop talking so loudly, please.

Adverbios de grado modificando otros adverbios

(En esta posición son llamados también ‘intensificadores’).

  • He was talking too slowly for my liking.
  • I’m usually quickly finding the results.
  • Almost weekly I have an exam.
  • They’re too tiringly bad at their jobs.
  • James ran quite annoyingly.

Los adverbios de grado modificando adjetivos

  • I know I’m a very good football player.
  • George is a truly fantastic mathematician.
  • The kids thoroughly enjoyed the basketball match.
  • My friend is extremely tired.
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