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Between y among

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre between y among?

  • Usamos ‘between’ para separar los objetos o personas (normalmente entre dos).
  • Usamos ‘among’ cuando más de dos personas u objetos están dentro una multitud o masa de personas u objetos.

Between: usado para separar dos objetos o personas

Normalmente, no hay más que dos.

  • My colleague, David, sits between me and Janice.
  • I’m going to stand between you both to stop you from quarrelling.
  • Between you and I, I don’t agree with the boss’s policies.
  • The files are between the cabinet and the water vase.

Among: se usa para más de dos cosas o personas

  • Among the crowd, I could see my mom and dad.
  • Some people get quite claustrophobic when being amongst/among the crowds at concerts.
  • Among the citizens, there will always be someone who’ll stand up and defend himself.
  • It was nice seeing so many home supporters among the crowd of thousands.
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