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English Reservoir, Interview for GoSolo

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English Reservoir, Interview for GoSolo

I founded English Reservoir with the aim of providing the ultimate, intuitive, dynamic, and interactive platform for English learners. In a nutshell, English Reservoir offers a wide array of courses within a subscription-based package.

The English language is the international language of business, science and finance, and the go-to language every person on the planet should learn if they want to communicate with others in an international setting.

Read the full interview on GoSolo’s page.

Method and the student’s needs

Based on my experience as an English teacher in Spain, and seeing how my students learned best, I decided to create the courses from the bottom up. I implemented a method of instruction for our courses based on what was the most successful strategy with my students in the classroom.  

Inspired by the direct method that I had implemented when teaching, I designed my courses around contextual, interactive, and analytical learning. 

While we can’t replicate a one-to-one lesson with a teacher, we can leverage our interactive platform to serve as a fundamental resource for English learners.

Read the full interview on GoSolo’s page.

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