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English Reservoir Method

English Reservoir Method


Here we begin the process. A short and concise explanation is given, detailing the rules on how and why we use the newly learned grammar point.


This is where the magic begins! The new grammar point is put into action, that is, a dialogue or text where what has just been learned is used. There is no use just reading a rule with examples and then trying to remember it. You need to see it in a real dialogue or context.

English Reservoir Method


Inside the dialogue or text, you will find a lot of superscripts or small numbers. (4,7,1,4, etc.) These small numbers will be displayed on top of some words in the dialogue or text that need some particular clarification.

English Courses English Reservoir Method

B2 Cambridge First
C1 Cambridge advanced
C2 Cambridge proficiency
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pronunciacion en ingles
gramática esencial

English Reservoir Method

Our English courses are dynamic and interactive with a mix of video and quiz content.

Do I need to start the courses from the beginning?

No. It is not necessary to treat the tutorials as a novel. Maybe you have problems with the modal auxiliary verb can or shall.

Or it may be that you are not quite sure how the passive voice works in English. You should feel free to use the tutorials as you wish.

What are the small numbers (474)?

These small numbers (superscripts) are inserted within the “context” section and will be developed later in the “analysis” section.

These little numbers are used to outline and dig deeper into difficult points, such as idioms, phrasal verbs, expressions, etc., within the “context” section.

English Reservoir Method