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Classes one to one

English classes online

English classes online – one to one. Learn English with a native teacher with private, one to one classes.

Choose a type of class


Free trial

You’re not sure? Speak with me first and see what you think. Completely free!



Just want to speak? If one hour is too much time, this is the class for you. If you also want to work on grammar I will certainly help you. A short, entertaining and fun lesson. 



For the more serious learners. We can work on a variety of things. Anything from the Cambridge exams, grammar review, pronunciation, TOEFL exams, you name it! We can also just converse if that’s what you want. 

thomas delany

About your teacher

I have been teaching English for five years. I have extensive experience teaching the Cambridge First, Advanced, and Proficiency exams as well as in-company classes.

Who will be my teacher? 

Your teacher will be Thomas. Thomas is a native English speaker from New Zealand. He is a full-time English teacher in Barcelona, Spain. He is also the founder of English Reservoir, a website with courses and many resources to help English learners.


I use the direct method; a natural approach to learning with the goal of facilitating correct language usage relying heavily on speech, without reverting to the learner’s native tongue.

How will the one-to-one class go? 

When you request the class, write in the box what you would like to do in the class. I will prepare the lesson according to your needs.

How does the booking work? 

When you book your English class (above), you will be asked to enter the day and time that are convenient for you. Also, write any information in the box about what you want to work on in the lesson so that I can prepare accordingly. 

Where will the class take place? 

Google Hangouts / Meet. Teams. Skype. Zoom.

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