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Bring and take

What’s the difference between bring and take? It’s very common to confuse these two verbs due to their similarity.

Bring has the meaning of, ‘movements to where the speaker or thing/object is’, that is, in the direction of the speaker/object and not away from them.

Whereas, take has the meaning of ‘movements going away from the speaker/listener/object’ and not coming towards it.

Further explanations and examples to follow.

Bring: movement coming towards the person or object

  • I brought my friend to the shopping mall.
  • I appreciate you bringing me here.
  • My boss brought us to a new restaurant.
  • I’m gonna bring you a present.

Take: movement going away from the person or object

  • Please take the food and drink to your mother.
  • Our colleagues took the motorbike with them.
  • Some thief has taken my wallet and everything in it.
  • The teacher took my work home.
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