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Between and among

What’s the difference between, between and among? We use between to separate objects or people (usually no more than two), and we use among when an object or a person is within a crowd, mass or large group of many things. So, let’s take a look at some explanations below.

‘Between’: to separate objects or people and for only two people/things

  • My colleague, David, sits between me and Janice.
  • I’m going to stand between you both to stop you from quarrelling.
  • Between you and me, I don’t agree with the boss’s policies.
  • The files are between the cabinet and the water vase.

‘Among’: used for referring to more than two people/things

  • Among the crowd, I could see my mom and dad.
  • Some people get quite claustrophobic when being amongst/among the crowds at concerts.
  • Among the citizens, there will always be someone who’ll stand up and defend himself.
  • It was nice seeing so many home supporters among the crowd of thousands.
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