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Bath and bathe

What’s the difference between bath and bathe? Well, ‘bath’ is both a verb and a noun and means ‘to wash oneself, usually in the bathtub or shower. ‘Bathe’ has the sense of ‘taking a swim’, either in a pool, river, beach etc.

Bathe does possess a high degree of formality, and in most instances, ‘bath’ is more commonly used.

‘Bath’ used as a noun and verb in the sense of ‘washing oneself’

  • I take one hot bath every day.
  • You should always bath yourself.
  • Young children should take a bath every day.
  • I bath every night.

‘Bathe’ used as a verb only, meaning to ‘wash oneself’

  • Let’s go bathing in the sea.
  • Let’s bathe in the sea.
  • I’m really sweaty, I need to bath in the river.
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