3 rules to native English pronunciation

Don’t have a great accent? You’re not able to mimic a British or an American accent? Forget it. Simply trying to obtain a perfect English accent is pointless and has no sense in a world where non-native English speakers far outnumber native English speakers 5 to 1. English has asserted itself as the universal tongue, and you’ll primarily find yourself communicating mostly with other non-natives, so why bother with the accent? What you should be bothered about though, is your pronunciation. This matters. A lot. Native Spanish speakers, for one, have a tendency to be rather slack and inefficient with their English pronunciation. I’m here to tell you that, after reading this article, and solidifying the rules in to your heads, those horrible mistakes you’re making will be made a thing of the past. Now, let’s get down and dirty, and solve this once and for all!