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English verbs

English verbs

Present perfect mistake

Do NOT make this mistake with the Present Perfect!

Are you, by any chance, making this mistake with the Present Perfect? 

  • We have been to Dubai on Tuesday = X. 
  • Have you emailed me last week?  = X.
  • She has talked to me just once at last year’s conference = X. 
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Subject Inversion

Subject + Verb + object is the common structure in most English sentences, is it not? Well, most of the time it is, yes, however, what happens if we want to emphasise what we are saying? How can we do that? We can do it using subject inversion or auxiliary inversion.

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Verbs with to

When should we use verbs with to? Tell to or tell. Have you ever wondered why we say ‘explain to me what happened’ and NOT ‘explain me what happened’?

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