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Avoiding Plagiarism

Avoiding Plagiarism in Academic Work

Plagiarism is an intolerable act in the academic world and avoiding plagiarism is key. In academia, people are expected to respect the work of others as well as their own. Plagiarism is an act that directly goes against this mandate. 

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direct method

Direct method is the only game in town

Direct method — It was three years back when I landed my first job in an English academy in Madrid, Spain. I was young, inexperienced, very nervous and had absolutely no idea how on earth I was going to actually go about teaching my classes.

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verbs with to

Verbs with to

When should we use verbs with to? Tell to or tell. Have you ever wondered why we say ‘explain to me what happened’ and NOT ‘explain me what happened’?

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Paraphrasing and Summarizing

Paraphrasing and Summarizing: Understanding the Differences

Paraphrasing and summarizing are two tasks that many people do in their lives. It does not really matter if they are writers or not, people are always summarizing the things they have read, or heard.

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having an accent

Having an accent

No English accent — One thing I’ve noticed virtually all language learners want to achieve, as soon as they can, is getting rid of their accent. That is the specific phonetic features of their speech that are a dead giveaway of the speaker’s first language.

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Subject Inversion

Subject Inversion

Subject + Verb + object is the common structure in most English sentences, is it not? Well, most of the time it is, yes, however, what happens if we want to emphasise what we are saying? How can we do that? We can do it using subject inversion or auxiliary inversion.

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Eight Foolproof Tips

Eight Foolproof Tips to Write Successful Historical Fiction

A writer from any genre can say that writing on a particular subject is difficult. While their statement may be debated, no one will likely fight a historical writer on the same claim. After all, history is a daunting genre to write in.

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English Courses

English Reservoir, Interview for GoSolo

I founded English Reservoir with the aim of providing the ultimate, intuitive, dynamic, and interactive platform for English learners. In a nutshell, English Reservoir offers a wide array of courses within a subscription-based package.

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