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Already and all ready

How often do you confuse already and all ready? Can’t see the difference? That’s fine, let’s go into the details. ‘Already’ is an adverb of time, meaning ‘at the time expected’ or ‘by now’. All ready, is composed of two words; ‘all’ a pronoun here, either referring to more than one person or object. ‘Ready’ an adjective also, meaning ‘available’.

(1) ‘Already’, is an adverb meaning ‘at the time expected’ or ‘by now’.
  • Have you already cleaned the car, Jim?
  • I’ve already finished my work.
  • Manuel already completed his program.
  • I’m already here, where are you?
(2) ‘All ready’: ‘all’ a pronoun here (referring to more that one person or object) and ‘ready’ an adjective that modifies the pronoun and means ‘available’. 
  • Are you guys all ready to go?
  • We’re all ready for the conference, what’s the hold-up?
  • My children are all ready and sitting in the car waiting.
  • David, Samantha, and James are all ready to leave on vacation.

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