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Join English Reservoir’s Affiliate Program

About English Reservoir’s Affiliate program

In a nutshell, to be part of English Reservoir’s Affiliate Program would mean that you can offer our online package (which includes all the courses) to your students in exchange for a 50% commission on every package your students purchase.

Our package currently sells for 7,99 USD + VAT (Spain), so, depending on the exchange rate, your earnings for every package would roughly amount to $4.00 (USD) per package per month.

For example, if a student does not cancel their subscription you will continue to receive $4.00 for every month the student continues their subscription plan.

You will be paid for every month a student continues their subscription plan.

Furthermore, you must have a PayPal account to receive your funds. You will be paid in USD.

As one of our affiliates, you will have your dashboard from which to track all relevant data such as your earnings, payouts, and students.

Affiliate Program

About English Reservoir

English Reservoir is an online learning platform specialising in the English language.

Our online English language courses form part of a large package “Cursos de Inglés – 1 Buenísima App” which includes numerous courses made up of videos and interactive quizzes.

What’s more, all the courses are in one unique place to allow for simplicity and user-friendliness.

Our courses are excellent learning material for English language learners. We have categorised our courses by varying units, which thus makes for very resourceful homework and general learning material.

At this point, our courses are all narrated in Spanish and are therefore targeted at Spanish speakers.

We are based in Barcelona, Spain.

When will I be paid?

As English Reservoir uses the services of Teachable for our payment system, we must work according to their procedures.

Therefore, English Reservoir’s affiliates are paid in USD via PayPal on the first of every month (or the next business day if the 1st is on a weekend or US holiday) according to our Monthly Payment Gateway schedule.

Due to Teachable’s 30-day refund policy, Teachable must hold funds for at least 30 days before releasing them to affiliates.

For example, on March 1st, affiliates would receive a payment for all sales that took place in January. Then, on April 1st, they would be paid for sales made in February, and so on.

We have designed our English courses for learners of English to further enhance their level.

If, for example, you run an English academy or an educational institution, our English courses can function as an additional resource working in conjunction with your student’s English classes.

In addition, if you work with other teachers, then they could cite units of our courses to be done for homework and the like.

For instance, a student may be working on the Cambridge First exam, so, said student can be pointed to a specific unit that works on the Open Cloze, for example:

Cambridge First  > Capítulo I > Open Cloze

Perhaps a student needs to work on Possessive Pronouns, therefore the student could be instructed by a teacher to go to the following page:

Gramática Esencial > Capítulo I > Pronombres posesivos

How does our affiliate program work?

For you to receive a commission on the course package, your students would need to click on the affiliate link.

You can simply copy the affiliate link from your dashboard or generate different affiliate links yourself. Either way, we will also give you your affiliate link.

Here’s an example of an affiliate link:

“528091_fqjcwp4s” would be your code identifier. This part of the cookie tells the system that any purchases would be made from your link.

You can also change your affiliate link (if you want it to be more user-friendly) by writing text and simply inserting the link:

Cursos de inglés – Método Divertido

  • This text contains the same link as above and looks far neater.
Affiliate Program English Reservoir

It’s important to note, that the link that you provide to your students is tracked using a cookie, and this cookie will last for 365 days.

To receive a commission from the student’s course purchase, the student must click on the link that you presented to them.

It would be your choice to present the affiliate links to your students in any way you see fit.

For instance, the links could be inserted in emails or newsletters, that you may send to your students.

How do I keep track of my earnings/affiliate data?

Important data such as your earnings from your students’ purchases are on your dashboard page when you log in from this link.  

Affiliate Program English Reservoir

From this page, you can keep track of all the data. Remember, you require a PayPal account to receive payment, so please remember to insert your PayPal details within your affiliate dashboard.

What do English Reservoir’s courses cover?

As of now, we have five courses, each over three hours in length in terms of actual video content. However, when you take into account the time needed to be spent on course quizzes and so forth, the time spent by the student on each course should be much longer.

Our courses form part of one package:

B2 Cambridge First
C1 Cambridge advanced
C2 Cambridge proficiency
Verbs in English
pronunciacion en ingles
gramática esencial

Feel free to learn more about us and see the courses for yourself: a free portion of each course is available to anyone.

Affiliate Program English Reservoir

We have categorised each course as per each grammatical unit. I.e., countable nouns, possessive adjectives, future simple etc. So, the student can choose what they should work on, and not have to do the entire course chronologically – although one is more than free to do so.  

The courses consist of videos (as per each grammar unit), as well as multiple-choice tests after every unit.

Students can stream the video content, but not download it.

We also have more courses in the pipeline that we will include within our current package, so, you can expect more content in the following months. Moreover, the user interface is user-friendly and simple for the student.

Here’s what your dashboard looks like:

affiliate programme

Would you like to join English Reservoir’s affiliate program?

Sign up directly here by completing this form.

Or, get in contact with us at the following email address.