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Adverbs of manner

Adverbs of manner contain the largest list of adverbs, there are loads! They tell us about the manner in which something happened. Usually, adverbs of manner can be constructed by simply adding -ly to the corresponding adjective although there can sometimes be variations in spelling in a few adverbs.

Sample adjectives converted to adverbs:
  • happyhappily; I happily told him what to do.
  • Nicenicely; They were playing nicely amongst themselves.
  • bravebravely; The Spartans bravely won the battle.
  • clearclearly; I clearly explained to you the problem.
  • honesthonestly; She’s honestly telling the truth.
  • powerfulpowerfully; The horse powerfully rode through the sand.
  • slowslowly; You’ll get there eventually but you’re going slowly.
There are a few adjectives in English that take the same form as the adverb:
  • Hard/hard
  • straight/straight
  • late/late

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