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Adverbs of sentence

Sentence adverbs are adverbs that modify the entire sentence. These adverbs can also function as adverbs of degree or various other types. However, when a sentence adverb is placed at the beginning of a sentence it is to put emphasis on the adverb itself, that is, to modify the entire sentence. Sentence adverbs include: Indeed, ideally, actually, ironically, interestingly, certainly, curiously, evidently, naturally, thankfully etc. The list goes on!

(1) Generally, adverbs of sentence go at the very start of the sentence to emphasise the entire sentence;
  • Curiously, we never found out what went wrong that day.
  • Actually, I must tell you that I’m not at all happy over the way you treated me.
  • Interestingly, It does rain in the city every so often.
  • Indeed, I am looking for a red hat.
  • Thankfully, we were able to finish the race without getting into a storm.
  • Naturally, if he had taken the detour he’d have got there faster.
(2) Sentence adverbs are used to modify the entirety of the sentence and not other adjectives, adverbs or verbs specifically.  Also, it’s important not to overuse them because then their usage could become repetitive.

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