Advanced Grammar


A/an, the, and zero article (-)


Subject, object and possessive pronouns

Question tags

Question tags in English

Conditionals in English

The conditionals: 0,1,2,3


Interrogatives wh?= words and how?


Determiners: identifiers and quantifiers


Prefixes, suffixes and infixes

Reported speech

Indirect (reported) and direct speech


Cardinal, ordinal and Roman numbers


List of rules to understanding the verb “get”

Get – go – got – gotten

Get vs. go vs. got vs. gotten

Cleft sentences

Cleft sentences in English with: what, it and all


The subjunctive in English

The “ed” suffix

How to pronounce the “ed” verb ending/suffix

Jargon and taboo

Jargon, taboo and informal English


Ellipsis in English

Split infinitive

The split infinitive

Emphasis with inversion

Emphasis with inversion

British and American spelling

British and American spelling – the differences

Verb order in English

Gerund (verb + –ing)

The rules as to when to use the gerund (verb + –ing)

To + infinitive

The rules as to when to use “to” + infinitive

Bare or solo infinitive

The rules as to when to use the bare infinitive

Common mistakes in English

Common mistakes in English

Essential English grammar

Common mistakes in English