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Quantitative adjectives

What are quantitative adjectives? Well, there are many but to name a few: some, few, little, enough, any, whole, sufficient, most, none, all etc. We use quantitative adjectives to characterize people or objects.

We use them mainly for measurement or counting, although the measurement is rarely exact due to the quantitative adjective itself not being precise.

Furthermore, we can also use quantitative adjectives to talk about weight as well as to count.

The list of quantitative adjectives is very extensive

So hereunder, a few examples are detailed and listed. The nouns being quantified or counted are highlighted in red.

  • I have little hope in him at this point.
  • Most people I know are nice.
  • I would like some chips, please.
  • Can you offer me any news items?
  • The man just doesn’t make any sense.
  • No friend of mine would hurt me like that.
  • I have enough water thanks.
  • There are many people outside in the pouring rain.
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