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About us

What is English Reservoir?

About us: a “reservoir” is a large supply of something. That’s exactly what we intend to be here at English Reservoir — a reservoir of English courses, resources, and grammar for English learners.  

We specialize in English, and our courses are tailored to your needs. Our English courses are fun, dynamic, and most importantly: interactive.

It’s important to our learners and us that learning English is fun, dynamic, interactive, and not dull. So, we’ve designed our courses to teach you everything you need to know from essential grammar to verbs to the Cambridge First exam

Everything is taught in an especially inductive manner with context and dialogue whilst implementing our method of instruction: explanation — context — analysis.


Our English courses have more than 3 hours of content. Log in to stream your course online. Narrated in Spanish (the language of instruction is Spanish).

How does it work?

Each course is a compilation of videos with more than 3 hours of content. Each video lasts between 5 – 13 minutes. There is a Section Review after every lesson. These section reviews are multiple-choice.

About us
English courses

How much does it cost?

USD 7.99 monthly.

Can I download the course?

No. You can only stream your course from your unique login page.

In which language are the courses taught?

In Spanish. That is, the language of instruction is Spanish. All the dialogues and context are in English with various native accents.

Where is the course once I have bought it?

Here! You can log in by clicking “log in”.

Do the courses expire?

For each month that you pay, you’ll have one month of access.

Will I be able to follow the courses?

If you have a medium level of English, you will be able to follow without difficulty. 

How much time should I dedicate to the course(s)?

As a general rule, you should do the tutorials every day, but don’t do more than 20 minutes each day, because there is a lot of content, and you will need to concentrate.

Do I need to create an account?

Yes. When you sign up, you will receive an email confirming your account. You’ll have to create a new password that you can use to log in to your account.

English courses