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5 connectors to sound more fluid!


5 connectors to sound more fluid!

Connectors. These are the words that really make the difference. Essentially, connectors are the “oil on the chain” that allow you to speak fluidly and smoothly.

Do you want to sound more fluid? More coherent? More captivating? And above all, sound smooth?

Learn these 5 connectors then!

Furthermore – This Connector just sounds so cool!

You should use this connector when you would like to give some additional information about what you were talking about before. Furthermore, it just sounds so damn cool and professional, does it not? 

  • We aren’t sure about your plans. Furthermore, we have some other doubts. 
  • I think David was referring to his friend, furthermore, he told me he would be seeing that friend this weekend. 


The same meaning as “furthermore”, however, it’s important to mix things up a little! Try NOT to be repetitive and make sure you use a variety of different words to express yourself. 

  • They saw lots of cool stuff at the fair. Moreover, they also bought some candy. 
  • We love to spend time with friends at the weekend. Moreover, we always meet at the same bars. 


This connector has the meaning of “despite” regarding something else you had said before. You can also use “nonetheless” which has the same meaning as “nevertheless”. Again, it’s important to mix things up a wee bit! Also, we mostly use “nevertheless” regarding some kind of event that’s a little negative, at least relative to the speaker.

  • Unfortunately, I couldn’t pass my exam, nevertheless, I must keep trying!
  • The athlete spent a long time away from the sport. Nevertheless, we believe she can make a comeback. 

As to

This connector is a preposition that is used to mean basically the same as with regard to, regarding, according to etc. The more words you have in that lexicon of yours, the merrier! 

  • We are amazed as to how you managed to climb that mountain. 
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And so forth

We use this set of words to continue a list of things we are saying, or just to continue on the same pattern. “And so forth” has the same meaning as and so on, etc., and etcetera. 

  • To speak English well, you need to use connectors such as, furthermore, moreover, nevertheless, as to, and so forth.
  • Be nice, well-behaved, polite, and so forth. You know the drill! 

Lesson summary on Connectors

There you have it. Those are our top 5 connectors you should start using today. Please like and subscribe if watched our amazing YouTube lesson above!

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