Why English Reservoir?


We teach you the new rule.


We learn with context and dialogue.


We revise, correct and analyse.

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Our courses

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Quick introduction to IPA

International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) The International Phonetic Alphabet is a system of phonetic notation that assigns a unique symbol to each sound that we can find in a language. Its symbols are applicable to any Read more…

Why having “an accent” is not a bad thing

One thing I’ve noticed virtually all language learners want to achieve, as soon as they can, is getting rid of their accent. That is, the specific phonetic features of their speech that are a dead giveaway of the speaker’s first language. And when it comes to native accents, most learners seem to have made their choice - whether their preference leans towards the old prestige, fancier British accent, or the modern, hollywood reminiscent and snappier American accent. Because, let’s be honest, nobody really thinks of beautiful New Zealand as their first choice (anyone?).

What is English Reservoir?

We help you learn English with online courses. Since our inception we have been helping English learners around the globe learn English. We apply an inductive method whereby the student, you, learns English with context and dialogue using a fun and contexual method.


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