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English Courses. A Fun Method.

English Courses — Learn English on a fun, interactive and dynamic platform! — 1 Amazing App.

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B2 Cambridge First
C1 Cambridge advanced
C2 Cambridge proficiency
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Método Divertido

A fun method

Our courses are dynamic and interactive with video content and quizzes. The sections of each course follow our method: Explanation – Context – Analysis.

Talk to the teachers!

You can contact our teachers in all the classes to let us know your questions.

English courses
English courses

Learn English in a fun way!

We will walk you through all the grammar, Cambridge exams and all the English verbs, step by step, all in one place. Plus, all chapters are divided so you can easily find what you want.

7,99 $

Per month

Enjoy all of English Reservoir for a fixed monthly fee. Access all our English courses in one place for 7,99 USD per month. There are no additional charges or contracts. You can stop whenever you want.

Short and fun videos

Our English courses are fun, dynamic and most importantly: interactive. Every video is a lesson that teaches something new.

fun method
English courses


Concise, dynamic, and example-based lessons to contextualize what you’re learning.

Native accents

You will learn with different and diverse native accents: British, Australian, Indian and American accents.


The courses have more than 10 hours of material. You can take them online (streaming). The dialogues are in English with various native accents. The narration and explanations are in Spanish. At this point, our courses are for Spanish speakers.

English courses

What is English Reservoir?

A “reservoir” is a large supply of something. That’s exactly what we aim to be here at English Reservoir: a reservoir of English courses, resources and grammar for English learners.

We specialize in the English language and our courses are adapted to your needs.

It is important to us and our students that learning English is fun, dynamic and interactive, and not boring. Therefore, we have designed our courses to teach you everything you need to know, from essential grammar to verbs and the Cambridge First exam.

Everything is taught in an especially inductive way with context and dialogue while we implement our instructional method: explanation – context – analysis.